Top 10 Advantages of Having Custom Mobile Application Development for Your Business

Gone are the days that a firm had to depend on traditional means of communication, nowadays the business world has moved to a digital era. Mobile application is a must have resource for any business. In fact according to a statistics report over 85% business firms use mobile application to enhance their business growth. Most business clients depend on mobiles for easy communication, hence a huge development in the custom mobile application development sector.

Recently CDW’s carried out a survey whose findings indicated that currently businesses are depending more on customized apps for their daily procedures and operations. Why do businesses need these apps today? The world technology has improved and to retain keep and suppliers on check, a business’s needs to acquire mobile apps. To perform everyday procedures and operations such as data access, sales support, productivity, service support, collaboration, business process, presentation and communication, one will need these apps.

Most custom apps are fully personalized to suit your business needs. As per reports custom mobile apps are proving to be a remarkable option for any business out there. Not only are they designed to provide solution as per company profile and objectives, but they also provide solution to a particular targeted group.

Advantages of custom mobile application development for your business

Wondering how mobile applications are beneficial for any business? Below is a list of custom app benefits that will help you understand, why it is crucial to have customized apps in your business firm.

1. Enhances the efficiency

As custom mobile app is designed to suit your business needs, it play a big role in enhancing employees’ productivity. Customized business app is employee friendly which enables employees to perform their duties in the shortest time possible and the output of their performance is remarkable. This app keeps your business in check and ensures a perfect flow of communication with your clients. Since the app is development with business growth enhancement in mind, efficiency in the business operations and services provision is a guarantee. With custom application you don’t need multiple applications for your business growth which will be a bit expensive and hard for your employees to handle. Custom application assists in performing multiple tasks within a short period of time.

With this application you will have minimum workload to deal with, hence it is recommendable for any business firm out there to have one. Custom application put together your entire business, thus making it very easy to handle and manage.

2. Saves the cost of production

The only way a business can make huge profits is only if the cost of production is minimal. Are you looking for a way to save cost of production by 29%? All you need is a custom mobile app to save 29% extra. Increase you business profits by having a custom mobile app in your business.
In fact, use of custom app can help you save the cost of human resources. With this app you will need a few numbers of employees to perform certain duties. Having you own custom app gives you full control over your business, therefore you don’t need to depend on other firms for any services. This makes custom app the best way to expand your business, save production costs and increase profits.

3. Increases productivity

Every entrepreneur out there wishes the productivity of his/her business to increase every single day. As we discussed above custom mobile application improves efficiency in your business, this paves a way for productivity increase. Statistic report has proved that custom mobile app increases productivity. In fact 74 percent users have experienced magical productivity growth in their business while 81 percent have reported a huge reduction in inefficient task cases. In addition 60 percent users have experienced remarkable return investments. If others are making profits by having this app, why shouldn’t you have it in your business too? This should be a must have app in your business plan if you want to be successful.

4. Provides Mobility

What makes an app very useful to a business is its ability to offer mobility; luckily custom mobile app is an example of such apps. Nothing wins the heart of your clients like availability of a remote and mobile app. Mobility helps in improving customer relationship. Custom app focuses fully on your business, since it is built to handle a number of procedures and processes. Most business processes involves accessing data related to your business, custom app increases the mobility of such processes by 39%.

Custom mobile app offers you the ability to work remotely as well as a remarkable deal of mobility; hence you don’t have to worry anymore on how to win the heart of your customers. Looking for a way to achieve greater mobility in your business? Enhance your business mobility by developing a custom mobile app today.

5. Secures your app data

With normal mobile app your business data can easily be accessed by unauthorized persons. Custom mobile app reduces the occurrence of such cases. This app is designed to solve security problems as well. Having a custom app that is fully handled and managed by you can enhance the security of your business data.

The best thing about custom app is that it offers various unique techniques that provide maximum security to your business data, for example, running the app as locked kiosk. Having your business data secured protects you from malicious competitors, and other people accessing your business data to throw you out of the business. You can also set the app security depending on the users’ skills and experience. The app also features different levels of security depending on the users department, duties and roles. It is very possible to have different access points and permission for your clients, general stuff, managers, directors as well as you. Ensuring that your business data is secure is the first step to gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. Not only will this increase the business profits, but it will also ensure your business long run survival.

6. Customer Satisfaction

The first step to satisfying your customer is building a good relationship with them. Customized business apps give you an opportunity to send business related updates about your services and products to each and every client within few seconds. In addition you are able to receive client feedback at the comfort of your office in real time. Expert reported that custom apps grow the customer satisfaction by 27%. What does this means to your business? This simplifies that in every customer you sell your services or products via custom app get more than 27% satisfaction, as a result on every four satisfied clients there is a possibility of getting another new potential client.

7. Improved employee performance

Custom apps create a sense of employee collaboration. Customized mobile app are purely business oriented, making it very easy for your stuffs to understand and use it. The fact that custom app is user friendly make it very easy to have a team spirit in the business. Actually it is reported that custom app increases employee collaboration by 28%. Such an increase will magically enhance your business growth due to output increase. Each employee performance will increase by 28%, such collaboration is what you need to be successful in the business world.

8. Improves Customer Communication

Clients like it when you communicate with them regularly and reply to their queries instantly. A good flow of communication is the key to a good relationship with your clients. Use of custom mobile app can help you access the client details you need for business transaction to be successful. In addition, adding simple forms and surveys as some your app features can help you acquire all the information you need about your customers. Experts have reported that this app improves customer communication efficiency by 27%. This app allows you to solve customer issues within no time, hence making your clients happy and encouraging them to buy from you frequently.

9. Enhances the ability to use multiple devices

What makes custom Android app ideal for any business firm is its compatibility with any other business device. You need a compatible app to retain your customers and attract potential customers too. Custom app enhances the ability to use multiple devices by 25%. In other words in every four devices used there is higher possibility of getting one extra. It ability to mingle with various devices makes it possible to carry out different business tasks simultaneously.

10. Competitive advantage

For your business to survive in the long run, you need to have competitive advantage over your competitors. Your business need to be making profits for you to be able to stay in the market. The first thing you need to perform better than your competitors is a custom mobile app. The numerous benefits of a custom app make your competitive advantage higher by 25%. Not only will this help you to beat your competitors but it will help you survive in the market.

Final Verdict

If you want to run great business then custom mobile application is the best option for you. Custom app features numerous benefits, which will improve the productivity of your business and growth too. To expand your business you should get this application.