mobile app development trends

The Future of the Mobile Market

When you think of smartphones and the mobile marketplace you think of apps. They are everywhere, and there are millions of them. Some come preinstalled on smartphones while others are sold in app stores such as the Google Play store and the Apple App store. There are so many apps in the world today that most go unnoticed and fade into the background never to be used. Many apps are downloaded but used so infrequently that they get uninstalled. The preinstalled apps are no exception to this; many consumers uninstall the apps their phones have when bought.

The market has become oversaturated. There are more apps than any one individual or business needs. Many developers created apps in the hopes of making it big. They hoped their app would be popular and make them a lot of money. The truth is most apps fail. There are simply too many for every app get noticed. The market is overflowing. The dam has broken. The market needs to change.

Changes are on the way for the mobile market environment. Companies want to be noticed and are planning new ways to reach consumers and their wallets. To attract new consumers, mobile development companies are steering away from apps and turning towards other forms of software and possibly even hardware, such as, for example, custom android firmware development. There is less competition on the market for non-app related products meaning there is a greater chance to be noticed. It is quite possible that there is money to be made in this new technology field but only time will tell.

Voice command software is one such newer technology now on the market. Consumers can use their voice to text, schedule events and appointments, order supplies, make restaurant reservations and more. The main issue with this software is accents. Even within the same language, there are many accents. The voice software does not always understand speech that has an accent. The most famous example of this is the Scottish accent. Voice software is notoriously bad at understanding people who speak with a Scottish accent.

The second type of new software on the market for smartphones that is not an app is order buttons. If you are frequently buying a product and need to restock you can now set up a button to press on your phone that will order that product for you. Amazon was quick to corner the market on quick-order buttons. A lot of people use this quick-order software to order office supplies such as printer ink and paper.

Many companies have plans to move away from mobile-based software altogether and focus on computing software in general. Instead of software being tied to your smartphone it may soon be integrated into the world around you.

The last ten years has seen major developments and advances in software technology. Ten years from now we may see a totally different world than we have today. Soon software technology will be integrated into our world and not just on our smartphones.