SMS software development

Our company has started our business with the SMS software. SMS (Short Messaging Service) is one of the oldest and most reliable mobile technologies. It may be useful for you if the reliable communication is required even in regions with weak mobile coverage. SMS software development can be combined with the mobile application development.

We propose you:

  • Individual approach;
  • Comprehensive study of software requirements and estimation of project costs before the payment;
  • Milestone-based development services;
  • High programming experience in PHP, C#, Java, Objective-C on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS platforms;
  • Qualitative and unique design of the applications;
  • Expert knowledge of GSM technologies;
  • Attractive prices (we use and modify existing platforms and solutions).

In distinction of the most software development companies, we do not require minimal project costs. If an existing platform (for example, “Headwind GSM Modem Driver”) can be used for your purposes, the project costs will include only the existing software prices.

In dependence of your demands, we can develop and deploy the projects of different complexity.

  • Simple SMS processing scripts, for example, to integrate SMS with your database. The solution is delivered within some days, the approximate costs is $200-$500.
  • Web service and integration with SMS servers. Custom web interface for you. This solution can be delivered within 1-4 weeks and costs from $1000 to $5000.
  • Mobile application. We can develop a branded mobile application which uses all the power of modern mobile devices (camera, GPS, GSM, location, etc.). Mobile application can be delivered within 2-8 weeks and costs from $2000 to $10.000.
  • Windows application. By using .NET technology, we create for you a comfortable instrument or a nice redistributable application. Windows application can be delivered within 2-8 weeks and costs from $2000 to $10.000.
  • Server system. If you need a complex solution, we suggest an appropriate technology and hardware requirements, develop and deploy the server, and provide a service for it. The delivery of the solution begins from 4 weeks, the costs starts from $3000.

Development process

  • You contact us by using a form on our website and describe the desired functionality as detailed as possible;
  • We inform you on an appropriate costs of the project;
  • We create a requirements specification, agree it with you, and inform you on a final costs of the project;
  • You make an advance payment (30%);
  • We start the development;
  • After the implementation of all functions (according to the specification), you pay for the development (40%);
  • We test the software together with you, fix the bugs are fixed and implement the small features;
  • After a testing period (1-2 months) is finished or all bugs are fixed, you make a final payment (30%);
  • We fix the software bugs without additional charge during a warranty period (1 year).