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Programming languages for mobile application development

Mobile development has taken off recently. It is a booming industry with predictions that it will only grow in popularity. Businesses are loving this new technology for growing their company. It allows them to reach potential customer’s all over the world through the development of mobile applications. Before you decide this is the right path to take for your business as well you need to decide on a programming language to use. There are dozens upon dozens available to use. Choosing one can be a difficult choice. We have created a list of the best programming languages to use for developing mobile applications currently:

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1. Java

Java is a classic programming language. It has been around for many years and has been a mainstay of the programming industry. Despite recent troubles with this language it remains a popular and safe choice for mobile application development. It is a very powerful software tool. It makes developing applications for mobile use easy. Java is a language known by almost all developers so it will not be difficult to find an employee that can work in this language for you. It is a very flexible language to work in. You can run Java on a virtual machine or in a browser. This programming language works best for Android application development and not as well with IOS. It is owned by Oracle and Sun Microsystems and is an object-oriented language. The most popular language on the market, you cannot go wrong with choosing Java. More information on Android Java programming is available on

2. Objective-C

Everyone knows Objective-C. Apple uses Objective-C as their programming language of choice. It can do everything that other subset C languages can do. This means that if you want to make your mobile application IOS-based this is the language for you. It belongs to the Apple mainframe and it is completely integrated, making it easy to use for IOS and MacOS. This is not something can be said of other programming languages. It also works great with graphics and is used for display functionality. The main resource for Objective C is

3. HTML5

This is a currently very popular programming language. Many people are familiar with HTML and JavaScript programming. HTML5 is very similar to its predecessors so learning this language is a simple task for most programmers. This is the best language to use if your application will be web-based. It is compatible with most browsers. It adjusts for many things such as input parameters and screen sizes. The main problematic issue for this programming language is that it is still fairly new. You may become used to using this language in one certain way only to have the language changed by the company. If you choose to use this language it is best to think of it as being in beta mode and to be prepared for any upcoming changes until the language is perfected. It is still quite possible to use this language and many developers have created web-based applications already by using it but you have to be aware of its changing nature.