Ordering the mobile application – how to start?

Let’s start an Android project

Since Android-based smartphones conquer the world, many business administrators ask a question “maybe we should order a mobile application for our clients who will use it and be loyal to our company”. It is an excellent idea, but any idea requires accurate development to be brought to life.

At first, you need to determine who will use the mobile application. The application may be targeted to company employees or clients. If the application is for internal usage, it doesn’t require to be published in Google Play or AppStore and the appearance does not play much role, which allows to pay more attention to the application usability and safety.

In this paper, we will tell you about the mobile application for clients.


“We would like to get an Android application which is a catalog of night clubs and restaurants of Altville city. Our application will be targeted to the visitors of these companies and will be published in Google Play.”

It is possible to send a request to developers even at this time (perhaps the developer has a “Box product” for such project). However an ideal client will develop the idea further. The more details has the developer before start working on project, the more is the chance that the project will be successful.

Analysis of the business project

Too rough and common description of the application may cause underestimation of the project budget, either by client or by developer. However it is too early to be happy with the low price of Android application development service. The problems and pitfalls of the project will anyway come later, and that may increase the project budget, delay of delivery terms and worsening of relations between the developer and the client.

The ideal client may analyze his business project himself by answering a couple of questions.

1. Which demands of the user will be satisfied by a mobile application?

2. Is it necessary to use native mobile application to satisfy these demands? Perhaps it will be enough to develop a web application which will be optimized for mobile devices?

The latter question is quite important since it may be required to develop both Android and iPhone applications (do not forget about other platfrorms like Windows or Blackberry, which are less popular). Also, the application should be installed on the mobile device which takes user time and place on the desktop.

“The application should not be slow and it must look interesting for the user. It must determine the user location by GPS and show the nearest night clubs on the map. The user should be able to book a table and call for taxi by one tap”.

3. Do you need direct income from the application?

Direct income may come from the purchase of the application by the user (which is the most rough business model), or from getting a commission from the sales of advertised services, from advertising in the application, and so on. There may be no goal of direct income, for example, “Image application” may have positive effect on the company image and give an indirect income in the future.

“We would like to get income from putting companies to premium places in the catalog”.

4. How users will find the application?

The advertising is critical for the success of the project. Any good application is useless unless the users will know about it. The advertising may be done on the existing website, a new website may be created, or the application may be advertised offline.

“We will advertise the application in Facebook, and we want a website and get it top in Google”.

Why so many questions?

The answers to these questions would be interesting to the client itself. After one start thinking on the first of these questions, the initial enthusiasm disappears and is replaced by common sense.

If you still wish to order the Android application, let’s go to next stage.

Application interface

Indeed, the drafts of the interface and the interface model are the tasks for the developer. However it would be good to write or draw a rough draft, what the user should see in the application. It would be excellent to enumerate the screens of the application.

At this step, it would be good to think about the priorities and adjust your mobile app business plan. What is preferable – economy of the project budget, unique and bright design, or usability of the application.

The project is ready to be sent to developer…

Congratulations, you are ready to send the project to the developers!

But how to get the best proposal? Besides the project budget, important things are the explanation of project costs, guaranteeing of the quality control and development terms, portfolio of the developer. You can also read more about our business process of Android application development.