Development of mobile applications

Do you have an excellent idea of the killer mobile application, which will attract millions of people or increase the productivity in your company? Let us help you to go from the idea to the product!

We propose:

  • Complete cycle of iOS and Android application development:
    analysis of the client demands, architecture design, development of the application and administration modules, testing, and technical support;
  • Quick development of the application prototype:
    it is the required stage of the project if you need to show the results to the investor or demonstrate the project at the conference;
  • Preliminary investigations:
    they may be necessary when a complicated task should be implemented, for example, if undocumented features of Android OS should be used.

Quality control

The quality and reliability are the key factors which must be taken into account by the customer when he chooses a developer. We take all possible steps to minimize the risks of producing the bad code or violating the product delivery terms:

  • preparing of the realistic project schedule;
  • accurate design of databases and interfaces;
  • development by using Agile and RUP methodologies;
  • working application at early development stages;
  • planning of milestones;
  • control of the work of partner companies;
  • planning of updates during the development;
  • accurate testing of the application and its components;
  • delivery of the project documentation.

Development process

  • Preparing of the initial requirements to the application by the client;
  • Rough estimation of the project costs;
  • Preparing of a requirements specification;
  • Exact quotation of the project costs, preparing of the project schedule;
  • Advance payment (30% of the project budget);
  • Architecture development and design of the application;
  • Development of the application and administration modules;
  • Building the installers (for example, custom firmware for Android);
  • Payment for the development (70% of the project budget);
  • Deployment, testing and debugging;
  • Final payment;
  • Technical support (1 year).