Mobile App Development Gets Smarter in 2017

The future of mobile app development seems to be brighter as days pass by. Some time back phones were only used for communication, but as the technology world improves phones are becoming more than a personal computer with all the necessary apps organizations and individuals’ needs. Leave alone the public apps that everyone can access, as of today most firms have started developing their own custom apps that streamline the business processes and procedures. The good thing about designing your own business plan for the app is that you will keep in mind all the business needs plus it is cost effective. As organizations strive to design the perfect app for their business needs, there are numerous tools and technologies that are emerging daily which aids in developing quality and modern apps.

The pace at which the mobile industry is growing is unimaginable; within a blink of an eye you might miss the latest phone or software. The main technology sectors that are growing at a very high rate are the artificial intelligence and ambient intelligence. In the year 2017 these two sectors might gain more attention.

Mobile is getting smarter

Mobile manufactures seems to be focusing more on custom mobile app design. Artificial intelligence area is also another area that manufacturers seem to be more interested in; with Personal Digital Assistants and Chatbots (Cortana, think Siri, Google and Alexa) being the latest technologies in the market. Google, Facebook and Amazon are the leading technology companies using these technologies. In fact as technology advances, big data, natural language processing, cloud and sensors are coming together to form a perfect storm, hence making AI to become a reality.

On the other hand ambient intelligence is also becoming actuality. Wondering what ambient intelligence is? Is a term born out of electronic surroundings that are responsive and sensitive to the presences of human beings; this an environment where computing devices are everywhere making it very possible for people to interact in the physical world surroundings in an unobtrusive and intelligent way.

Ambient Intelligence finds it way in the aspects of people every single day. One example of Ambient Intelligence is an instance where technological advances can provide access to digitalized business documents regardless of equipment or location. Mobile device based on ambient intelligence see more quality and progress of sensors in things like humidity and temperature. It is possible that in the future we might observe these sensors being integrated with advanced devices like cloud processing power, cloud based data retail outlets and inference engines.

What should enterprises know for 2017?

In 2017 mobile manufactures will get smarter and devices produced will be more advanced. For instance use of chatbots application and hype will increase, mainly on the instance where end users are using a chat that features a voice control user interface. As we continue down to the road of businesses embracing technology, personal digital assistants and bots will provide greater utility and make mobile apps more user-friendly as well.
AI and AmI technologies that will boom in the business world, however their use will target mainly the applications used by consumers. To date these two technologies haven’t contributed much on the application used by employees, but we are hoping for the best in 2017. AI and AmI will follow a path similar to that of mobile application, they will first of all deal with consumer facing application features then move toward complex applications that integrate the overall business participants and process too.

Most of the challenges that face AI and AmI are very similar to those of mobile apps, For instance usage, security, performance, data management, adoption and integration. The rapid change will require greater development speed and super delivery, which can easily be supported by platform technologies based on micro-services architectures, cloud native application development, user centric process agile and advanced technologies that support scaling and agility.

Not every company will benefit from these technologies; some companies are still far behind in terms of technology. Therefore for them to benefit too they need to transform there IT departments from analog to digital. And also embrace some technologies that deal with more practical issues such as data backups, securing mobile access to data, adopting agile developing methods and also implementing architectures based on API.

According to several surveys reports, most organizations have embraced mobile apps but they are not creating space for all the apps that should be expected in currently and future. The number of apps in many organizations is too low while the employees are too many. You might find that a company with more than 7,500 employees has only 19 apps. Such a number is too low to make a great impact in the organization. Organization should first of all deal with the challenges they are facing, and they will be in a position to embrace the upcoming technology developments.