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Headwind – Mobile App Development Company

Headwind Solutions is a mobile app development company specializing in iOS and Android apps. For the last decade, we achieved high results in mobile development, realized many informative and commercial projects for various business segments, reached ideal ratio of price and quality, provide our clients with an expandable set of services in accordance with modern technological trends. We are reliable development partners making all efforts to deliver creative, attractive and interesting project within the agreed terms.

mobile application development

We are doing a complete cycle of commercial app development for mobile platforms which is not limited to the coding. We are also providing services of Android launcher and custom Android firmware development. These artifacts allows users to exclude unnecessary software from the operating system and preinstall the required apps on their gadget, as well as to improve the phone benchmark. Also, replacing the preinstalled firmware by the custom firmware is very important for corporate usage of the mobile gadgets.

Mobile app development performed by Headwind Solutions includes the following steps.

  • Processing of customer’s requirements expressed in the form of design brief, analysis of the market demand, architecture design, development of the backend module, writing and testing the business plan;
  • Development of the prototype. If the customer needs the prototype at early stages of the project, for example, for demonstrating at the conference or to the investors, we can build it in the shortest terms;
  • Choice of the software delivery form – this could be publishing in App Store or Google Play, delivery of the binary file, or a custom firmware update for system apps or Android kiosks;
  • Predevelopment analysis, which provides the customer with additional warranty, in particular, when the undocumented functions of Android OS are intended to be used;
  • One year maintenance service.

Our engineers are always seeking for optimal methods for the implementation of algorithms prior to the app development, which allows us to plan our work more efficiently, think about all details and get the result as early as possible.

The most important role is played by the design, therefore we are thoroughly working on the app interface in order to make it complying with the modern standards, be unique and usable. When the user interface is thoroughly designed and tested, it is able to attract new users, which are potential clients of the corporation. We adapt the apps to different screen sizes and resolutions, and make the apps suitable for both phones and tablets. It is important that we protect the user data privacy, that is, only we and you have access to the user data.

The development flow is accurately supervised because we take care of quality criteria and are responsible for our work. The project price is calculated by the mobile app development company individually for each customer, and the development plan is justified and agreed with the client. Headwind Solutions develops mobile apps with the accounting of all technical characteristics and provides our customers with good prices and innovative approach. To be convinced in our competence, you can look at our portfolio containing the projects popular in all over the world.