m.Inspect safety system

The scheduled inspections of remote equipment and maintenance works are required on each plant. To simplify the work of inspectors, it is very attractive to use a mobile application where they can perform inspections and notify managers about faults and problems. For that purpose, Headwind Solutions has developed the mobile safety system “m.Inspect”.

Software modules

The software “m.Inspect” consists of two modules:

  • Mobile application for Android which is connected with a central server through JSON-based API;
  • Android kiosk for launching the app after boot and preventing misuse of the device;
  • Back-end server containing the database of equipment, inspection lists, issues and works performed.

M.Inspect application is a standalone module which is able to work offline without persistent Internet connection. The remote inspector can inspect objects even outside the mobile coverage. After he returns in a zone of reliable mobile signal, the inspection data are synchronized with the database.


  • Using QR-code scanning or NFC tag scanning to identify equipment;
  • Offline work without persistent Internet connection;
  • Unlimited number of inspectors and database managers;
  • Automatic scheduling of inspections;
  • Possibility of the integration with an external issue tracking system.


The Android application is written in Java.

The back-end server is written in PHP with the usage of Yii framework (a powerful framework for developing MVC-based web applications). The server uses MySQL for storing the data.

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