Issue tracking system “Realtime Actions”

The most of existing issue tracking systems are designed solely for the purpose of software bug tracking. There are predefined statuses for software bugs and predefined business processes for fixing the software issues.

The issue tracking system for an enterprise or a plant is a more complicated software. It must include multiple types of users, determine the rights for each type of user, allow to adjust business processes for the needs of different divisions.

The issue tracking system “Realtime Actions” developed by Headwind Solutions has the most of features required for the enterprise issue tracking system:

  • Different user types;
  • Integration with other issue producing systems;
  • Productivity reports;
  • Real-time online meeting chats;
  • E-mail notifications on pending issues.

The software is written in PHP and uses MySQL for data storage.

Realtime Actions can be installed as a standalone software on the plant’s server. Also, a hosting solution has been developed: the plant uses the software hosted on a subdomain (and having its own database and storage data).

Realtime Actions is used by more than 50 business clients.