Headwind MDM: a corporate framework for Android

How to use Android in corporate systems

Android is great for field work. Here are just a few types of field workers whose productivity would be improved by corporate mobile devices.

  • Merchandisers
  • Sales representatives
  • Couriers
  • Drivers
  • … and many others!

Hundreds of mobile devices are hard to manage and support. People miss the updates, installing the new apps, changing the configurations… It could be accepted for their own devices (the concept Buy-Your-Own-Device, BYOD), but that’s absolutely not acceptable for corporate devices.

Corporate devices are tools for your field workers. Their supervisor must be sure that:

  • The mobile devices are in order and up-to-date
  • The workers are online
  • The tools are used properly

Mobile Device Lock

The corporate shell must only allow the apps which are required for doing the job. Games, social networks, even the Internet browsers are not acceptable.

Headwind MDM shell is doing this job for you. Your system administrator manages the device lock policies; he may allow or deny access to certain apps.

Management from a single point

Corporate Android shell architecture

The corporate management of mobile devices requires a central control panel. Headwind MDM is deployed on your “private cloud” server so the system administrator has the full control over all mobile devices in your company.

Remote installation and configuration

Headwind MDM supports remote installation of mobile applications and desktop configuration. Devices could be grouped, each group may get the unique set of apps and permissions.

Extensible software architecture

Headwind MDM has a core platform and multiple components (plugins). Whereas the core is responsible for interaction between the Android devices and the server, each plugin does its own job. The following plugins are available (or will be available soon):

  • Image upload. This plugin is particularly useful when a field worker needs to send a proof of work to the server.
  • Geolocation. Track your employees on a map.
  • Call logs. Log the calls and SMS your employees are doing from the corporate device to avoid spending extra money for unsolicited calls.

Custom plugins may be developed according to your requirements.

Benefits of Headwind MDM

Our mobile device management platform is unique for many reasons.

  • Private cloud. The server is hosted on your hardware so your corporate data are safe.
  • Safety. The data are transferred by using HTTPS protocol.
  • Fast work. The shell is optimized for speed and doesn’t slow down tablets or phones.
  • Open-source. Headwind MDM core platform is open-source so your programmers are able to develop the custom plugins.
  • No root required. The Android shell (launcher) does not require root privileges.
  • All Android versions. Headwind MDM works on all Android devices starting from legacy Android 4.x tablets.
  • Multiple modes. The device can use the limited shell mode or the kiosk (single-task) mode.
  • Affordable licensing. We propose a flexible licensing scheme including unlimited licenses.

How to start managing my Android devices?

To get a demo of Headwind MDM and start managing your corporate Android devices, please contact us.