mobile apps in small business

Have a Small Business? Get an App!

Today every business has an app, at least it can seem that way. There are important reasons for this. Mobile apps are cheap, easy to use and convenient. Customers prefer to use mobile apps to complete simple or everyday tasks they have. Instead of going to the bank they would rather use an app. Instead of writing a grocery list they would rather use an app to generate one. If you own a small business, there is something an app can be created to do to make life easier for your customers.

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Online activity does not just include the web anywhere. People are always on their phones. If your business has a website, you also need to have an app. Having just one is not enough to get attention from customers. Customers are more likely to do business with your company if you have an app.

An app will help market your brand. Just like a website, an app will have your brand name and logo. It will promote and sell your products and services. A mobile app is the greatest marketing tool you can use. Television ads are seen by fewer and fewer people every year. Customers are moving away from the tv and to computers and smartphones. Instead of investing in costly television advertisements, invest in a mobile app.

Your customers will repeatedly use a good, reliable and easy to use the app. Repeat customers are the backbone of any business. You want to build that customer loyalty and guarantee repeat business. Another way to keep bringing customers to your app and thus to your business is to use your app to offer discounts and rewards to your customers. Customers love getting rewards and special offers from a company. Many customers will come back to your business if they are rewarded for doing so.

The price tag of creating an app can keep many small business owners away. This is changing however because of the growing number of small software companies offering simple, professional and highly affordable apps for businesses.

One of such companies is Headwind Solutions. Headwind Solutions is a company based out of Saint Petersburg, we offer multiple customized solutions to create and develop your app. We have a wide range of ready-to-use solutions which could be branded according the customer’s requirements. Some of these solutions include Android kiosk mode, mobile location-based app, and more.

Once you have an app for your business, you should test it out before letting it on to the market. Customers will become annoyed with a buggy app and uninstall it rather than make use of it. You will need to ensure your app does what it is supposed to do or you may drive more customers away. A good app brings customers in, a bad app sends them to your competitor.