Be an iOS/Android developer

Do You Want to Be An App Developer?

The mobile app market is booming. There are billions in revenue being generated. If you are one of the many people hoping to make your fortune as a mobile app developer, there are some hard truths you need to know first.

The app market is very crowded. Today there are millions upon millions of apps available to consumers, but a lot of them perform the same tasks. Why should a consumer pick your app over someone else’s app? It is a vast marketplace, and you will need to promote your ad heavily to get any notice from consumers.

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Creating a mobile app may not be as simple as you think. If you already know software programming well enough to create an app you are one step ahead. If you do not have software programming experience, you will need to learn. Learning how to program takes time, patience and a lot of trial and error. You could also hire someone to create an app for you, but that will be costly.
There is high demand for highly skilled software developers, so competition to hire one is tough and expensive. Consumers will only buy the best apps on the marketplace. It is hard to break into the app marketplace with an amateur looking app so make sure you hire only the best to develop your app.

If making your mobile app does not deliver the fortune you were hoping for do not despair right away. If you have taken the time to learn software developing you can still use those skills to make a very good income. There are many big name development companies that are always looking for new talent.

Apple and Google are the two biggest software and technology companies that are always at the top of the market in mobile apps. If you possess the right skillset, you could make a lot of money working for these companies. A lot of software developers who make mobile apps opt to go this route versus running their own mobile app development company.

If you do make your mobile app, you can then sell it on the mobile app marketplace. Apple and Google also run the two biggest app stores. Apple owns Apple’s App Store that sells apps that run on iOS. Google owns Google’s Play Store that sells apps that run on Android. Your app may not work on both operating systems. They are very different and work best using different language programs. If you want your app available to the most consumers, you will need to make it compatible with both operating systems. To make your app compatible with both systems, you will need to learn not one but multiple program languages and the challenges that come with each one.

Becoming a mobile app developer is not as easy as it seems but if you can accomplish your career goal, it will be well worth it in the end. Software development is on the rise, and it is a safer career option than most.