Mobile Apps Boost Business Productivity

Custom Mobile Apps Improve Small Business Efficiency

Looking for an app that suits your business needs? The most recommendable thing to do is develop your own app. Not only will a custom app give you fully control over your business, but it will also boost your business production. Running any kind of a business is crucial task which requires effective management of resources. A great tool for managing your small business and boosting productivity in return is a custom app.

Given that we are living in the digital era today, a business needs several softwares to perform better. Most of the apps are inexpensive to acquire and maintain. The benefits of custom apps are numerous. However, there are productivity issues that might create fear in you, discouraging you from trusting third party apps. This is the reason it is recommendable to develop your own solutions having a custom mobile app design suitable for your business.

Trusting third party apps can be very risky; some apps are not compatible while some can affect your business work flow. In this life there is only one answer to what kind of software a firm needs to improve its’ productivity. Most people have a habit of copy pasting from one app to another to get their tasks completed.
FileMaker has also affirmed that custom apps are what business needs to boost productivity; this is explained further in their new state of the custom app report. But who wouldn’t like his/her business to grow, and if custom apps is what you need to make it happen, then you better develop one.

Tailored Apps

In the year 2015 FileMaker carried a study on custom apps usage pattern. The report was released in the same week FileMaker 14 was launched. According to FileMaker report, custom app usage has increased over the years. Apps that are created with specific company in mind tend to produce great results than normal apps.
Ann Monroe a senior Director of FileMaker concurred with the fact that custom apps do boost business productivity. Actually she stated that 74% of small business using custom apps experiences an increase in productivity. For those companies that have embraced custom apps. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out which app is compatible with your business, it would be very logical to design your own app which is focused on improving your business, plus compatibility is a guarantee. Monroe further argued that custom apps are constantly boosting business productivity to unimaginable heights, and have been a great help in assisting small business and other firms to achieve their goals.

DIY Custom Apps

Most business prefers DIY (Do-It-Yourself) custom apps. Some small business has what it takes to create a custom app themselves. In addition it will be a great help in saving cost. Monroe verified this by outlining that most are well empowered and they also find it very easy to create an app for themselves in the shortest time possible. According to survey done by FileMaker, 82 percent of business firms develop custom apps internally while the rest source out externally from developers and code services providers.

Not every business owner has the ability or will to develop custom app internally, however Monroe encouraged them to try developing a custom app within the firm, since they will have a chance to borrow ideas from their experts. Monroe stated that building a custom app is very simple, what makes it a bit difficult is translating the company expertise to an actual custom app, but business owners should not find it difficult anymore because there are companies like FileMaker to help you out.

For business that needs this app in a hurry, building an app for themselves can be a good idea. In fact it was reported that 52% of custom apps took less than 3 months to be completed.

Positive ROI on custom Apps

In conclusion most businesses have seen a positive growth after investing on custom app. In reality 60% of the businesses who have developed a mobile app business plan and invested on custom app have experienced a positive return. Monroe reported that some businesses are even experience double returns on investment.

Other benefits of custom apps include reduction in errors during data entry by 71 percent, reduction of inefficient tasks by 84 percent, and improved customers satisfaction by 63 percent. In addition custom apps can be used on mobiles, whereby about half of all the custom apps are used on an iPad or iPhone.