Custom Android OS Development

We provide our customers with the custom Android firmware development services. The build is based on the open-source Android OS “Lineage” (ex. Cyanogenmod). No device-based and monthly licenses! We adapt the Android OS for the mobile device most suited to you, make the rebranding, develop and preinstall any software you may need for your project.

Usage of custom firmware

How the custom firmware is developed?

First we collect the customer’s requirements and analyze how they could be implemented. The most frequent requirement is to avoid quit from the app and start the app when the Android OS boots. This could be done without updating the device firmware by using the kiosk mode. The firmware update may be only required to install the custom startup logo and boot animation.

If the app must have system privileges, we analyze the source code of Android OS and integrate the developed app with the operating system. After that, the app could work in the same way as other system apps (like Settings, Contacts, SMS, etc.), and the package is delivered to the customer in the form of OTA update (a ZIP file installed in recovery mode).

If the customer wants to adjust the layout of the OS itself or some selected apps, we can update the existing system apps by changing their layouts. This customization of Android OS is somewhat limited and the available features must be discussed with the customer prior to the development. The adjusted system apps are also delivered as the OTA update.

The custom Android OS build could also be delivered as the full ROM image. This is a good option for those customers who intends to setup bulk devices, because it simplifies the setup flow. All that the engineer must do to setup the device is to connect the device through USB and write down the firmware.

Require a custom Android ROM?

Please contact us to discuss your project.

Before considering developing a custom firmware, you may consider more light weight and less expensive Kiosk mode app.