CitySurf multimedia GPS-guide


The main purpose of the CitySurf project is to provide a tourist with the device guiding him through the city, telling him about the nearest sites of interest and shows him the city sights.

The project consists of the CitySurf mobile application (which is installed on Android-based mobile device) as well as of the infrastructure:

  • Content editor: Windows desktop application which is used to edit text, sound content and images for the guide;
  • Licensing server: web-based application where the customers (hotels) are managed, the license keys are generated, and the statistics and logs of the user walks are stored;
  • Licensing module: Windows desktop application used in hotels to sell registration keys to users;
  • Administration module: Windows desktop application which is used by technical support for updating mobile devices and getting statistics from them.

Project stages and milestones

  • Architecture – delivery of the architecture documentation and interface specification;
  • Prototype development – delivery of the working application which has main functions desired by the client (orientation, narration about nearest sights);
  • Development – delivery of a fully functional package;
  • Testing and debugging – test operation of the package and fixing the bugs and drawbacks;
  • Technical support – recommendations on fixing problems during the commercial operation.

Interaction of modules

Modules interact with each other through file transfer and through HTTP / XML protocol. To deliver the software package successfully, it was necessary to develop and release the specification for all interfaces on the architecture stage.

Development of the custom build of OS Android

The requirements to the mobile application could be fulfilled only if a custom build of the operating system Android is installed on a mobile device.

Headwind Solutions has customized the Android OS according to the client’s requirements, built and installed the OS on two types of mobile devices.

New functions of Android OS:

  • Blocking of calls and SMS;
  • Updated boot logo;
  • Changed interface of interaction with computer through USB;
  • Faster boot and turn off.

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