Android kiosk mode usages

Android Kiosk Mode

Kiosks are everywhere around us. This sentence is not related to the small markets and stands, it is about the mobile kiosks. This is a terminal where the special firmware is preinstalled and running. The kiosk firmware implements a set of limited scenarios, for example, ordering the train ticket, issuing a coupon, or guiding the user through some business capabilities. The most well-known kiosks are ATM machines, ticket selling machines and photo booths.

Nowadays, phones and tablets could also be named as mobile kiosks. The technical progress allows people to make purchases from the home. Installation of the mobile app on a gadget is cheap or even free, whereas the gadgets are compact and full of advantages.

Mobile kiosks are growing in numbers.

They are actively used in restaurants as an electronic menu, which is very comfortable for the guests. Some boutiques demonstrate new fashion trends and dress collections on the screens of mobile tablets. It is important that all operations on the mobile devices could be performed remotely, and there is the statistics on these operations.

Embedded Android-based kiosk device

Can you manufacture a mobile kiosk?

It is not easy to setup Android kiosk device, therefore the most of kiosks are running under Windows, which is costly for the owner.

Android-based kiosks are cost-effective.

Our company knows how to change the things and we can turn on the kiosk mode on Android devices for an affordable price. We are able to solve all problems in a limited time.

First, you must think how will you construct the kiosk, that is, embed the device into the wall or terminal. There are two ways to embed Android devices. You can take an ordinary tablet into pieces, then embed the display into your design. Another (better and cheaper) way would be to purchase a single-board computer like ODroid and connect it to a display.

Next step – lock the operating system

After you solved the product design problem, you must think about the software. To turn an Android device into a kiosk, it is required to replace the launcher app by a special “Android kiosk app”. Android launcher is a system app which processes the combination of system keys, for example, short, long and double tap of “Home” button, and prevents the occasional exiting the child app and opening the operating system of the gadget. Unfortunately it is only possible to block the “Recents” button by providing the launcher with system privileges and install it in the form of custom firmware. This is a feature of all Android systems since Android 5.0.

Kiosk mode app could be also included in the custom firmware, which allows to run the child app immediately after the boot of the gadget. To exit the kiosk mode, we have developed a unique combination protected by a password which is known by the kiosk owner only.

Our customers appreciate that

we are not licensing the number of installations of our kiosk,

therefore you are not limited in the amount of gadgets. Our developers are configuring the kiosk from the SD card which is ideal for mass installations.

Need any assistance in the Android kiosk development?

If you want to develop a commercial Android app or run it in the kiosk mode, our team is happy to assist you. We are considering all your requirements, analyzing them, agree all the details of the project with you, and immediately starting the development. If you want to use our services, please contact us to discuss your project.

You may also consider to develop the target Android application for your kiosk. Our team will analyze your requirements, do the required design, development and integration works, and delivers the whole project at affordable price.