custom android firmware development

Android firmware update

Android is one of the most interesting and expanded mobile platforms. This operating system reveals great possibilities for the users and especially for the application developers. If the smartphone has an updated firmware, the functions of the system are not limited and this reveals even more features. If you don’t like a preinstalled operating system, you can replace it. This process is called custom Android firmware update, our company is ready to provide you with such update services. New firmware or even new launcher allows people to use the newest OS even if it is not yet released by the manufacturer. Updating the preinstalled launcher automatically replaces the old one, which follows in the optimized benchmark of your device and modified system settings and applications.

build a custom android rom
Why custom Android firmware is popular? For example, custom firmware could be used to run Android in kiosk mode for performing specific tasks, such as checking of electronic tickets. Also, you can block access to the apps preinstalled by the manufacturer or limit their number, keeping only the most relevant apps. This use case is very important in corporate usage of the smartphone. The custom Android launcher may improve the functions of the phone and allows you to install the apps corresponding to your requirements, or to preinstall the apps which are absent in the built-in operating system.

Our company is not only able to develop Android apps, but we are also doing custom Android firmware development for any model of the gadget. This process has its own algorithm. The first step is the backup and rooting of the device. Backups are important in order to rollback the manufacturer’s OS if the firmware replace will fail. After that, we develop and install the modified system apps according to the customer’s requirements. These system apps are installed in a privileged domain of Android and thoroughly tested. The final step is the development of the on-the-air (OTA) update including the updated launcher, and writing the manual on the firmware update by the customer’s employees.

To demonstrate which tasks could be resolved by custom firmware, we would like to provide some examples. The first example is a corporate gadget, where we corrected the system settings, adapted the SMS communication, updated the boot animation and add auto-updates in the system firmware. Another example is a gadget for the truck drivers where the information about the driving style was shown on the screen of the tablet.

If you need qualitative custom Android firmware development for an affordable price, Headwind Solutions would be glad to assist you. Our developers will replace legacy firmware by the new one customized to your requirements.