Android Application Development Services

Who we are?

Headwind Solutions is a team of highly skilled application developers, designers and software engineers focusing on

full-cycle Android app development.

We start from the customer’s idea and deliver the quality software working better than the customer expects.

Our apps are installed on more than

and get as high ratings in Play Store and App Store as 4.6 of 5.

We are in the application development business since 2008, and our programmers are aware of all recent technologies and trends, continuously increasing their development skills.

Our company is located in Russia. This helps us to maintain the attractive development prices (from $25/hour). Our developers follow the Russian tradition to be

the smartest specialists in the world,

and often exceed the customers’ expectations.

custom mobile app development

What we do?

We provide the following services to our customers:

Development of commercial and entertainment Android apps for publication in Play Store

  • Analysis of the targeted audience
  • User-oriented UI/UX design
  • Backend development
  • Push notifications (Firebase cloud messaging)
  • Integration with social networks (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Ad networks
  • Implementation of In-App Purchases
  • Thorough testing of the application
  • Adaptation of the app to different phones, tablets and OS versions
  • Analysis of the users’ feedback, technical support and maintenance

Development of corporate and business apps for internal usage

  • Integration with the corporate backend
  • Analysis of the business flows of the app users
  • Process-oriented UI/UX design
  • Securing of the applications (PIN code/NFC/Fingerprint authentication)
  • Barcode / QR code reading
  • Locking the device to one or more selected apps (Kiosk mode, Custom Launcher)
  • Customizing the device boot logo and animation (Custom firmware development)
  • Development of the apps with system privileges
  • Writing the app in the device ROM (disabling the app removal)
  • Technical support and maintenance

app development for connected devices

Applications for connected devices management

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interaction
  • Wearables
  • GPS Trackers
  • Healthcare devices
  • Home automation systems
  • Integration with Google Fit, Microsoft HealthVault, Apple Health
  • Internet of Things

Android kiosk

Android development for special devices


We develop Android applications with the following facilities:

  • Push notifications
  • GPS location, maps and custom layers
  • Camera
  • NFC tags (reading and writing)
  • Network detection and usage (Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G, 4G)
  • SMS and MMS messaging
  • Barcode / QR code reading
  • Login and sharing content through social networks
  • In-App Purchases and Subscriptions
  • Analytics

How we work

1. Analysis of the customer’s demands

Before we start coding, we help the customer to specify the requirements to the software. It is very important to distinguish between the customer’s individual feelings and objective demands increasing the application value among the target audience. Our work is based on facts and studies, and our analysts are unbiased and do their best to reach the customer’s goals.

The result of the preliminary analysis is the project scope and software requirements specification in the form of documents, as well as accurate estimation of project terms and costs.

2. Software architecture design

Good and reliable software architecture is very important to the success of the project. Every software changes with time, because the customers require new features.

Weakly structured application could heavily be updated;

the maintenance costs increase and the code degrades with time. Therefore, it is very important to build an appropriate application architecture and think about all integrations before the coding starts.

Good and bad mobile project costs

3. Agile development

We develop the Android applications using agile development. This means,

we deliver a working artifact to the customer as early as possible

(as a rule, in two weeks after the development starts), test it together with the customer, and adjust the requirements as the development goes on. Such method helps our developers to build the required app twice as fast as the traditional development following the requirements specification.

4. Integration works

Your application will interact with other services like social networks, payment gateways, or backend servers. Our software architects review the services API and their reliability, and recommend the best available services to be integrated with the developed project. Every programming interface is thoroughly documented and implemented.

5. Quality assurance

Our primary goal is to deliver the quality app within the agreed terms. The development process is scheduled and thoroughly controlled, the project schedule includes time for bug fixing and code refactoring for better quality. The development steps are followed by milestones. Code quality is assured by unit tests as well as functional tests according to the software requirements specification.

6. Project maintenance

The project is not finished after the delivery of the app to the customer. As the people use the app, they provide feedback and suggest new features. Our analysts and technical support employees thoroughly collect them and build the update plan. The technical support improves the reliability and fault proof of the server software, setups the fault alerts, fixes the emergency cases.

Android inspection App

Our clients

We work with the companies of different sizes and business areas, including the following markets:

Sample apps

Lose weight without dieting

Lose Weight Without Dieting: a motivating app to help people losing their excess weight. The app includes an amazing virtual character animating the process of losing weight, and a unique technology of providing bonuses for target actions of the users. The app has more than 3 millions downloads on Google Play and App Store and has been rated as high as 4.6 of 5 by almost 100.000 users.

Lose Weight Without Dieting on Google Play Lose Weight in App Store

Meal Planner Android App

Recipe Calendar: a meal planning app including multiple dietary and healthy meal plans, custom meal planning, more than 5000 recipes, and automatic grocery lists. Recipe Calendar has an outstanding UX and implements Google Material Design guidelines. The app is completely user-driven and uses social networks for signing in and sharing the content. The app has more than 400 thousands downloads on Google Play and has been rated as high as 4.6 of 5.

Recipe Calendar Meal Planner on Google Play

How to get a quote?

To get a quote for the development of your project, please send us your project description. We will perform the initial estimation of the efforts required to build a minimal value product and advise you how to start with the development.

Headwind Solutions is happy to build brand new software products for you. We promise we exceed your expectations!