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Android App Development Services

In 2016, Android platform became the leading mobile operating system by the amount of installations (excluding USA where iOS gadgets are traditionally dominating). So if you want to acquire mobile users, you must start with Android.

Advantages of the Android app

User loyalty. After the installation of the application on the smartphone, it appears on the phone desktop and becomes easily available to start. If the user likes your app, he would start it over and over again.

Offline work. In distinction with the mobile website, the Android app can save (or cache) required data in the phone memory and work well without any lags even when Internet access is weak or unavailable. This is an important feature in many countries where people may have weak Internet access.

Push notifications. The app can notify users on new events and offers even if it is not started. The smartphone shows push notifications in the same manner as SMS messages. When the user opens a notification, he will proceed directly to the required screen in the application.

How to start the development?

After you got an idea for Android app development and you’ve written it in a document, you can start to find a developer. The cheapest way is to

hire a freelancer. What then?

Freelancers are developing mobile applications for a very cheap cost and you may get the result for $500. However this cost doesn’t include user audience analysis, Android app design, testing and technical support. As a rule, the result of the freelancer’s work differs from your expectations for the worse. Your users may be even more demanding as you, so they won’t install the app which is not good for them.

If you are not ready to assume risks of the work with a freelancer and perform the building of software requirements specification yourself, you may want to

order Android app in the company.

The mobile app development company performs the full range of works required to deliver the successful application to you:

  • User behavior analysis;
  • Software requirements specification writing services;
  • Choice of the monetization strategy;
  • User interface design;
  • Software architecture development;
  • Server-side (backend) development;
  • Coding;
  • Testing;
  • Updating the app according to the users’ feedback;
  • Publication in Google Play;
  • Technical support;
  • Promotion of the app in Google Play.

The development of Android app in the USA-based company would cost from $20K up to $100K. Such investments are rarely returned, and they require thorough work on the mobile app business plan.

We are the company located in Eastern Europe.

Also, we are using agile development methods and various software components developed by us at earlier times. Therefore, we can reduce the development expenses by a factor of 3-5.

The Android app development services by Headwind Solutions would cost $5000 and higher.

What is agile development?

To build a software product, the programmer requires the software requirements specification. Writing the SRS is an important step in the product development. However the specification never describes the Android app and the users’ expectations as detailed as required by the programmer.

To build a software meeting the customer’s and users’ expectations at early stages of the mobile app project, each build version is discussed with the customer and tested on a group of users (so-called “focus group”). The “large” software requirements specification is therefore split into a series of small tasks which are done by the developers week by week. To avoid expanding the development terms, the “Project Scope” document is being written and the development milestones are defined. The project scope consists of the project goals and required functions of the developed Android application.

Usage of the agile development techniques reduces the Android app development time by a factor of 2 or even 3, and the project expenses are also reduced.

To start discussing your idea with professional experts and get the project estimation costs, tell us about your project.