Business Apps for Mobile Phone

7 Most Popular Types of Mobile Apps for Business

The technology is growing at a very high rate, and mobile phones are becoming a must have device in the business firm. Let’s go back in the year 2008 when the first useful business app was created, email app creation was the best idea for the business market. This app has contributed a lot in the smooth run of businesses. The best thing about communicating via email is that is almost instantaneous, which allows you to respond to customers enquiries as quick as possible. Email has made marketing processes, communication as well as coordination with clients, shareholders and suppliers very easy.

Gone are the days that performing complex tasks was done manually and it took days to complete a task, nowadays you can perform complex tasks within few minutes using your Smartphone. For instance you can keep track of your daily schedule, check in to your flight and raise invoices using your phone. Not only have mobile apps lead to improved business productivity but have also lead to cost saving, time saving and a strong relationship between business owners and consumers.

Most useful Types of Business Apps

Everyday phone manufacturers do release new phones for people to buy. In fact the phone industry has grown at a very high rate, thus making it very possible for business owners to access quality phones at a manageable price. You can install mobile apps depending on your business strategy or buy a Smartphone that fits your business needs. Below is a list of most popular categories of business apps.

Office productivity

These types of apps are designed with productivity and employee performance in mind. Their main purpose is to improve employee performance and boost productivity. You need these apps for your business growth and long run survival in the market. Some years back the main use of a phone was mainly communication, but today a mobile phone works like a personal computer and it features all types of apps that you need to boost business productivity.

The users of productivity apps are mainly the employees, and the good thing about theses apps is that any employee can use them from the entry level to the tertiary level of management. The apps that belong to this category include business card readers, schedulers, calendars, workflow apps, time and expense trackers and tax calculators.


Travelling being an everyday practice in the business world, having travel apps in your phone will be a perfect idea. Nothing is more convenient than just tapping your phone and you are ready to make fight, hotel and pickup arrangements at the comfort of your office. If you are a business person and most of your business practices involves travelling you need mobile apps such as navigation apps, location based apps, fight status apps, reservation apps, translator apps and travel organizers.


Some years back most people used to depend on office computers to send emails to their clients, today you can send email to your clients, suppliers and others by use of your phone at any time or place. Communication is a too way process, as you communicate with your clients you also expect a quick response from them. Mobile phones have made the task easier. Communications apps provide various capabilities to a business firm such as exchanging files, remote access and messages. These apps include social networking apps, email apps, meeting centers, instant messing apps and video conferencing apps.

Corporate Apps

These kinds of apps are designed to address the needs of the firm instead of an individual. Some of the firms that use these kinds of apps include businesses, interest based groups, schools, government and retailers. The tasks that can be performed using these apps include approvals, sales-force automation, time tracking and expense tracking. There are various popular apps that fall in this category such as ERP apps, expense tracker apps, zendesk apps, helpdesk apps and sales-force automation apps. Some corporate apps may require locking the Smartphone and developing a custom Android launcher in a corporate style.


Under this category you will find all the apps that customers use to get their tasks completed more efficiently within the shortest time possible. These apps help in data searching as well as analyzing data. There are numerous productivity apps under this category, and the post popular once includes data protection apps, scanning apps, world clock apps, memo pad apps and currency apps.


Baring in mind business processes and procedures needs remarkable creativity; you need these apps to create diagrammatic relations between new ideas, concepts and other pieces of information involved. Also if you need to enhance learning efficiency you should consider using mind-mapping apps.

Most people need high concentration to perform better at work and also improve productivity, mind mapping apps are popular for improving concentration and productivity. Some of these apps include puzzle apps, drawing apps, quiz apps and iMindMap.

Mobile billing

Gone are the days you had to visit a bank to make payments for services delivered, today there are numerous online payments method you can use to make payment for goods and services. Cashless transaction is the trend nowadays and the quickest way to make payments. All you need is your phone and you are good to go.
Mobile payment apps are being used by various firms such as grocery stores, banks, e-commerce websites and others. Most popular apps under this category include mobile wallet apps, PayPal, venom and square cash.

Why your Company May Require a Mobile App?

Customer Engagement

To keep your customer engaged you need to invest on business mobile apps. The best way to strength your relationship with your customer is keeping them, engaged. Business mobile apps will help in retaining your customers as well as attracting new potential customers. Mobile apps allow you to acquire all the details you need about your client such as location and profile information. Also you can gather information on real; customer target which will help you to determine demand prices and revenues too.

Facilitates product promotion

The best way to promote your products is via the use of business mobile apps. Mobile apps make it for you to updates your customers on new information about services or product being offered. It is also via these apps that you are able to provide rewards to your customers, which is one of the best ways to promote your company and make more revenue.

Instantaneous Feedback from your customers

Mobile apps improves the flow of communication between businesses at it customers. Having a create communication app is the best way to interact with your customers. With a perfect mobile app you will be able to give your customers the support they need and reply to their queries on time and also receive instantaneous feedback from them.

Develops Customer loyalty

Business applications can help build a trusted reputation and also retain your customers. Customer loyalty is a good thing for a business; such customers will advise other people to buy from you. Loyal customers will also buy from you frequently. To build customer loyalty and make them buy from you frequently you should provide rewards, offers and incentives to them.

Building your brand name

Business mobile apps help in building a reputation for your brand. Having mobile apps in your business will build your brand name awareness and strengthen your brand name too. You should design a great business app that grabs your customers’ attention.

Choosing a mobile app development company

It is very important to choose a mobile app developer wisely. Building a business app is a complex task, thus you need to look out for a professional expert. The developer should understand your business needs prior to designing the app. The developer should address all the entire business requirements. For example while developing a mobile app for e-commerce firm one should include all the business procedures from order tracking to delivery.

When searching for the right mobile development company, you should select the one with the latest technologies and can provide you with all the services you need.