Custom Android OS Development

We provide our customers with the custom Android firmware development services. The build is based on the open-source Android OS “Lineage” (ex. Cyanogenmod). No device-based and monthly licenses! We adapt the Android OS for the mobile device most suited to you, make the rebranding, develop and preinstall any software you may need for your project.

GouldTrack GPS Server

GouldTrack GPS server has been designed to receive GPS data (GPS fixes) from various types of devices and route them to different GPS systems. This system allows the user to organize a GPS hosting, it can host multiple independent corporate accounts. The system is designed to be easily integrated with external GPS data providers, such…

Issue tracking system “Realtime Actions”

The most of existing issue tracking systems are designed solely for the purpose of software bug tracking. There are predefined statuses for software bugs and predefined business processes for fixing the software issues. The issue tracking system for an enterprise or a plant is a more complicated software. It must include multiple types of users,…

m.Inspect safety system

The scheduled inspections of remote equipment and maintenance works are required on each plant. To simplify the work of inspectors, it is very attractive to use a mobile application where they can perform inspections and notify managers about faults and problems. For that purpose, Headwind Solutions has developed the mobile safety system “m.Inspect”. Software modules…

Lose weight without dieting
Lose Weight Without Dieting

“Lose weight without dieting” is the application motivating users to eat less, be active and lose weight. The application provides users with the food and exercise diary, charts of weight, body measurements and food values. The app is distributed in Google Play by “Freemium” scheme: a free “Lite” version and a “Pro” version. An interesting…

CitySurf multimedia GPS-guide

Purpose The main purpose of the CitySurf project is to provide a tourist with the device guiding him through the city, telling him about the nearest sites of interest and shows him the city sights. The project consists of the CitySurf mobile application (which is installed on Android-based mobile device) as well as of the infrastructure: Content editor: Windows…

Development quality assurance

Serious customer estimates the contractor not only by the development costs, but also looks at the guarantees of quality, reliability, and usability of the software product for business, as well as on the guarantees of delivery terms. Violations of delivery terms, architectural drawbacks of the software, difficulty of updating the application – these problems may cause…

Ordering the mobile application – how to start?

Let’s start an Android project Since Android-based smartphones conquer the world, many business administrators ask a question “maybe we should order a mobile application for our clients who will use it and be loyal to our company”. It is an excellent idea, but any idea requires accurate development to be brought to life. At first,…

Why so expensive? How the budget of an Android app is formed

What can think the client after getting the project budget? “Oh, it’s so expensive – I read in Internet that Android application can be developed within 3 hours, and a studend has made a website for me for $200…” “Fine, that budget fits my expectations…” “Wow, too cheap! Seems that they will do that in…

A man holding smartphone with one new message on a screen. Closeup shot.
SMS software development

Our company has started our business with the SMS software. SMS (Short Messaging Service) is one of the oldest and most reliable mobile technologies. It may be useful for you if the reliable communication is required even in regions with weak mobile coverage. SMS software development can be combined with the mobile application development. We propose you:…